aluminum grinder

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- Heavy Duty domed top for years of use

- Wire top Hermes style jar for a strong clamped seal

- Straight Wall inside so you can easily get to your bud

- Silicone ring prevents smells from escaping and keeps your contents fresh

- Clear jar so you’ll always know when it’s time to fill up

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4 layers herb grinder

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Expression Gifts Brand Air Tight Secret Stash Containers


Store your herbs in our customizable airtight storage jars

- Are you tired of fresh, moist herbs drying out?

- Are you tired of keeping your bud in a little zip lock bag?

- Need a way to keep the odor contained?

5 Reasons this is the storage jar for you!*

- Wire-Top flip lid creates a strong, tight seal, keeping air out and the smells in

- Durable silicone ring ensures a perfect seal every single time

- Food-Grade plastic will not leach into your bud, or absorb any smells

- High Density plastic is lightweight & virtually indestructible

- Customized top has a protective dome for years of use

**Jar measures 3 inches wide, so you'll be able to get a bowl or your fingers in there easily.

**At only 2.5 inches tall, this stubby little jar is the perfect size for traveling.

Our Herb Grinder is made of aluminum 6061-T6 and strong magnetic lid which makes this device tougher and more durable. A magnetic lid helps you securely hold your herb and reduce spill.The stainless mesh screen helps to collect fine powders.

This Grinder contains ultra sharp teeth which perfectly grind every part of the herb, from the lightest herbs to the densest, grinding now only takes several twists. These teeth stay sharp for long periods and are simple to clean.

69.5mm herb grinder contains a large holding capacity, which allows you to grinder more herb at once.

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  • Short Description:

    Product Name: Aluminum herb grinder

    Brand Name: Huayi

    Material: Aluminum 

    Surface finishing: Anodizing 

    Aluminum herb grinder, which is made of Aluminum T-6061, which is light and sharp teeth, easy for handle.

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