custom herb grinder

Short Description:

  • Material: Aluminum, Sandblasting + Anodizing
  • Equipment : Advanced CNC Lathe and Milling machinery
  • Certification: ISO9001 and ROHS compliant
  • Brand name: HUAYI
  • Surface treatment : Sandblasting + Anodizing
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Black, Red
  • Item: 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Usage: For tabacco, weed grinding
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    4 layers herb grinder

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    Product Description:

    We have made further improvements to the product that make our grinder even better than it was before!

    1. Our product has very sharp grinding teeth that are perfectly positioned to grind every type of herb, from the lightest herb to the densest one with a few easy twists. 

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    2. Our new removable mesh screen is deeper and fits perfectly into the bottom piece. It was specifically designed to hold more ground material and be more stable. This will allow you to grind more herb at once and prevent you from spilling it while opening the top part.

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    3. Our 2.5" grinder is a well built grinder crafted from heavy duty aluminum alloy. The high quality material makes the chambers open smoothly and easily, the teeth will always stay sharp and it will be easy to clean.

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    1. It’s suitable for grinding and breaking samples of various plant tissues, including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.;

    2. It’s suitable for grinding and crushing for the analysis and detection of food and pharmaceutical ingredients;

    3. It is suitable for fine crushing and fine grinding of hard, medium-hard and brittle samples, and also suitable for soft, elastic and fibrous materials. Materials that can be crushed and ground include fibrous tissue, chemicals, medicines, soil, sludge, plant tissue, grain particles, oilseeds, plastics, waste, wool, textiles and many other materials.

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    Material Aluminum, Sandblasting + Anodizing
    Equipment Advanced CNC Lathe and Milling machinery
    Certification ISO9001 and ROHS compliant
    Brand name HUAYI
    Surface treatment Sandblasting + Anodizing
    Color Pink, Blue, Purple, Black, Redcustom herb grinder (11)
    Item 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches
    Usage For tabacco, weed grinding

    What Is A Grinder?

    A grinder is a device that can be used to grind coarse pieces of cannabis buds into crumbs that can be used in joints. Grinders come in different shapes, from small and simple to devices with three or four ‘filters’ for obtaining Skuff.

    The device consists of parts that fit together to form a closed circular compartment. The top is usually smaller than the bottom. There are pins on both sides in that compartment. These pins are staggered so that they do not touch each other when the parts are turned in opposite directions.

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  • Short Description:

    Product Name: Aluminum herb grinder

    Brand Name: Huayi

    Material: Aluminum 

    Surface finishing: Anodizing 

    Aluminum herb grinder, which is made of Aluminum T-6061, which is light and sharp teeth, easy for handle.

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