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A tobacco herb grinder (or simply, a grinder) is a cylindrical device with 4 parts that separate and have teeth or pegs aligned in such a way that when top part are turned, material inside is shredded. The 3rd part is collected some shredded in the bottom chamber and filter some kief. The 4th part is collected the kief.

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How to use it:

Step 1: Take off the top lid. Use your fingers to break bigger buds up and place them in between the grinder’s teeth. Don’t bother putting any bud in the direct center–this is where the magnet pivots, so nothing in the center will get shredded.

Step 2: Replace the top of the grinder and give it about 10 rotations, until all the bud has fallen through the holes. You can remove the top and tap it against the grinder’s side to help loosen up any sticky pieces stuck in the teeth.

Step 3: Unscrew the chamber with the teeth to find the basket layer holding all your freshly ground cannabis. Load it into your pipe, joint, or blunt and enjoy!

Step 4: Once you’ve collected some kief in the bottom chamber, scrape some out with a piece of paper or the scraping tool provided (not all grinder purchases will include one, but they’re definitely handy). Again, you can sprinkle kief onto a bowl to make it more potent, or save it for something else. Be careful with metal scrapers, as they can scrape aluminum particulates along with your kief!

Some people like to put a weight in the kief chamber to help knock resin from the screen into the bottom dish. A cleaned penny or nickel works perfectly for this.

Though the manufacturers claim they are intended for use with herbs and spices for cooking, they are often used to shred , resulting in a product that can be more easily hand-rolled into a "joint" that burns more evenly. Tobacco herb grinders are typically made of either metal or plastic and come in a variety of colors and polished metals.

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