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Huayi-group is China OEM/ODM Herb Grinders Manufacture and Herb Grinders Supplier. We are committed to providing customers with various types of tobacco grinder production services.

Our weed grinders usually comes in six different size: 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 63mm, 75mm and 100mm. We can also customize other sizes according to customers' needs.

The materials we often use to produce grinders are: aluminium, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and stainless steel, etc.

The surface treatment of the grinder usually has anodized, zinc plated, ceramic coated and silicone coated, etc.

For the grinder layer, we can produce not only 2-layer grinders, but also 3-layer and 4-layer grinders.

The Different Between 2-layer, 3-layer and 4-layer Herb Grinders

Two-Layer Grinder

A two-layer grinder consists of two sections or layers that are stacked on top of each other. The top layer typically features sharp teeth or pegs that are evenly spaced to grind the material when twisted or turned. The ground material falls through the small holes or slots present in the bottom layer, which acts as a filter or screen, separating the larger particles from the finer ones. Two-layer grinders are simple to use, portable, and suitable for basic grinding needs.

two piece grinder

Three-Layer Grinder

A three-layer grinder, also known as a three-piece grinder, offers an additional chamber compared to the two-layer grinder. It consists of three sections that are stacked together. The top section includes sharp teeth or pegs for grinding, similar to the two-layer grinder. However, the ground material doesn't directly fall through to the bottom section. Instead, it collects in the middle chamber, which is located between the top and bottom sections. This middle chamber acts as a storage compartment for the ground material, allowing easy access and preventing any spillage. Three-layer grinders provide more convenience and storage capacity than the two-layer ones.

Four-Layer Grinder

A four-layer grinder, often referred to as a four-piece grinder, is designed with an extra chamber compared to both the two-layer and three-layer grinders. It consists of four sections that are assembled together. The top section features the grinding teeth or pegs for breaking down the material. The ground material falls into the middle chamber, similar to the three-layer grinder. However, the unique aspect of the four-layer grinder is the presence of an additional chamber at the bottom. This chamber includes a fine mesh screen that further filters the ground material. The screen allows only the finest particles to pass through, collecting them in the bottom chamber. This final chamber is commonly referred to as the pollen or kief catcher, as it accumulates the highly potent resinous crystals found on the herbs. Four-layer grinders provide efficient grinding, storage, and the ability to collect kief for later use.

How Does The Herb Grinder Work?

Through a twisting mechanism, the two interlocking teeth will cut the dry herb, and it will fall down the holes into the next chamber of the grinder. Then, simply open the grinder by twisting apart the second storage compartment, and you have finely ground dry herbs!


The Benefit Of Huayi Herb Grinders

  • Convenience: With grinders, breaking apart dry herbs becomes a breeze.
  • Consistent Grind: A uniform grind is crucial for optimal smoking. Grinders ensure a consistent texture for a smoother burn and enhanced flavor.
  • Preserving the Herb: The oils on your fingers can strip away valuable trichomes and compounds. A grinder will maintain its potency and maximize its benefits.
  • Kief Collection: Many grinders feature kief catchers that collect the trichomes that accumulate during grinding.
  • Portability and Storage: Most grinders double as storage containers, offering a compact and convenient solution for keeping your herb fresh.


If you are looking for a reliable herbal grinder manufacturer, Huayi-group will be your first choice. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services. We look forward to working with you!

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